C7 Turbo Blanket

C7 Turbo Blanket



Understanding the benefits of using a turbo blanket is easiest if we first look at the operating principles of a turbocharger. In essence, two things drive the exhaust turbine, exhaust pressure and exhaust heat. This pressure and heat is a function of the expanding gasses from the burning fuel after being compressed.

The amount of exhaust pressure is an element of the amount of fuel being introduced through the injectors which is controlled by the ECM This pressure remains relatively constant in relation to the amount of power the engine is making.

The hotter the exhaust gasses are, the faster they move. Retaining as much of the combustion heat as possible helps the exhaust gasses move faster. Air flowing around the exhaust housing of the turbocharger removes several hundred degrees of temperature as it transfers from the cast iron to the circulating air. This can reduce the speed of the exhaust gasses by as much as 300 feet per second.

A turbo blanket is designed with high-temperature insulating materials and is form-fitted to the shape of the turbo. This minimizes the surfaces of the turbo exposed to outside air which in turn reduces the heat loss which keeps the exhaust turbine spinning closer to its optimum speed. The result is faster spool-up when accelerating and when getting back on the throttle after a shift. A turbo blanket also reduces thermal shock to the internal turbo components by allowing a more gradual and uniform temperature reduction during cool down. In short, a turbo blanket helps a turbocharger to operate more efficiently and now you know why.

C7 Turbo Blanket


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