C13 Single Turbo Conversion Kit

C13 Single Turbo Conversion Kit



Typical benefits of the single turbo conversion include:

  • Decrease in coolant temperatures of 10/12 degrees.
  • Decrease in oil temperatures of 12/14 degrees.
  • Decrease in under hood temperatures of 70 degrees.
  • Extended engine life.
  • 1 year warranty on all components except 2 year warranty on exhaust manifold.

The ECM Tuning is made simple by using either an HDGT or ECM Tuner.

The Conversion Kit includes either a Bully Dog HDGT or Bully Dog ECM Tuner, a ceramic coated exhaust manifold, a high performance turbo charger and all the small part components needed to do the conversion. Below are pictures of some examples of different trucks with the single turbo conversion.

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7 reviews for C13 Single Turbo Conversion Kit

  1. admin

    “I have an ’07 W900L with a Cat C13. I have different trailers that I pull with it, from a flat bed to a dump truck trailer to a lowboy. I had one of the J&S; C13 single turbo conversion kits installed on the truck and wow what a difference it has made. The fuel economy jumped from 5.1-5.3 MPG up to 6.2-6.4 MPG. If I am hauling an over the road I have even seen up to 6.7-6.8 MPG on those loads. The oil and coolant temps have dropped 10 to 12 degrees and everything is running a lot better. I am more than happy with the kit and I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t do the conversion. The kits pay for themselves in short order and you have a much better performing truck to drive as well. Doing the conversion dropped 400 lbs off of the truck and that adds up when you are doing quarry work, like I do. I purchased the kit with the HDGT and the driving coach software. Having that information right in front of me has helped me drive more efficiently than I was before. I would highly recommend doing the conversion kits.”

    Bill M

  2. admin

    “I am really happy with the C-13 kits. We have two Freightliner Classics with the C13 engine that are used to pull grain hoppers. We tested one of the conversion kits on one of our Classics. We installed the recommended Economy with Power tune and we have picked up a minimum of 8/10s MPG and probably more. We were only getting 5 MPG out of the truck. With the kit installed we are getting 6.2 MPG. We are installing a second kit on our other C-13 and we have plans to install the kits on a couple other Acerts as well. They have done a fantastic job with these kits and the results are outstanding.”

    MB Repair
    Hillsdale, Illinois

  3. admin

    “We have a small fleet of Sterling 9500s with the Cat C13 Acert motors, plus our sister company also has a number of these same trucks as well. We tried one of the C13 kits on one of our trucks that was having some issues and liked the results. Since that time we have installed the single turbo kits on three other trucks in our fleet and our sister company has installed a kit on one of their trucks. All of the trucks run short haul as well as regional runs. With the kits installed the trucks have picked up a solid half mile in fuel economy. We plan on continuing to install the kits going forward and have been impressed with the results that we have been seeing.”


  4. admin

    “I am totally satisfied! I installed the C13 single turbo conversion kit on my ’06 Kenworth T800 in June 2014. I pull a tanker hauling gasoline and diesel fuel. Before installing the conversion kit I could count on my truck making between 5.2 to 5.8 MPG on every fill-up like clockwork. Since installing the kit I am getting between 6.9 to 7.2 MPG plus the truck is putting more power to the ground than my old mechanical Cat ever did. Wow this kit is very impressive! I would highly recommend the C13 conversion kit.”

    Jeff B

  5. admin

    “We are seeing between a half mile to 6 tenths improvement in fuel economy with the single turbo conversion kits. We have over a dozen of the C13 engines in T800 Kenworth trucks. So far we have converted 11 of them, with plans to convert all of them. We love the simplicity the kits offer and the cooler operating temps, plus the fact that the kits have been paying for themselves with fuel savings.”


  6. admin

    “My biggest regret with installing the C-13 single turbo kit on my Sterling 9500 tri-axle dump truck is that I didn’t do it sooner. Driving over rough ground on a daily basis with those heavy twin turbos bolted to the side of the block meant I was constantly breaking parts. I have been looking for this kind of solution for a long time and have been very impressed with the kit since I installed it. I do a lot of short hauls and have picked up a solid ½ mile in fuel economy, not as much as the over the road drivers, but a nice benefit for sure. My biggest issue was I hated those heavy twins, because I knew as soon as I fixed the problem it was going to be right back, so finally I have a solution that works.”

    Clay O.

  7. admin

    “We installed one of the C13 single turbo conversion kits on a 386 Pete in August 2014. The kit installed perfectly. The instructions were easy to follow and it all fit together just like the guys at J&S; promised and the instruction video on the website made reflashing the ECM simple as well. We have been so impressed that we just ordered a second kit for another C13 in a 386 that we have. It has been a pleasure to work with the guys at J&S.;”


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