Cat C15 Single Turbo Conversion Kit

Cat C15 Single Turbo Conversion Kit



Typical benefits of the single turbo conversion include:

  • Increased fuel economy of 1 MPG.
  • Decrease in coolant temperatures of 10/12 degrees.
  • Decrease in oil temperatures of 12/14 degrees.
  • Decrease in under hood temperatures of 70 degrees.
  • Extended engine life.
  • 1 year warranty on all components except 2 year warranty on exhaust manifold.

The ECM Tuning is made simple by using either an HDGT or ECM Tuner.




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14 reviews for Cat C15 Single Turbo Conversion Kit

  1. admin

    “We sure have been impressed by the single turbo conversion kit. About 4 years ago, we had one of the twin turbos go out and needed some other work done on the truck and it just made sense at the time to pull the trigger and get the kit from Jim.

    With the kit installed we were able to get rid of some of that excessive heat. Our Cat engine pulls a 9 axle trailer and the combination of the truck and trailer is 96,000 lbs empty and 240,000 loaded. The driver consistently sees 6 MPG when he is empty and with the single turbo kit installed the truck pulls a 240,000 load like it’s a 100,000 load. We run the economy with power setting on the HDGT. Purchasing the kit was one of the best decisions we made and we tell everyone that single turbo set up is the way to go.”


  2. admin

    “I bought my single turbo kit and it sat for several weeks before I started installing it because I thought it was going to be a real bear to install. I was so pleased when I finally convinced myself to get started. I couldn’t believe how simple everything was to install. I have put together many ‘kits’ that I have purchased and always end up frustrated because pieces are missing or the instructions are unclear. This kit was a dream! The instructions were so well written that ANYONE could have followed them. I especially liked the large format pictures that I could see the details in.

    I installed the conversion in March of 2011 and I track my mileage by quarters because the winter fuel really affects the mileage I get. For the 2nd and 3rd quarters I averaged 1.21 and 1.37 MPG increase respectively. That trend has continued throughout the year with the lowest quarter still up 1.05 MPG. Thanks for a great kit and a cure that was long overdue for those ‘Twin Turbo Blues!'”

    Brian A

  3. admin

    “I own an ’04 Pete 379 powered by a Cat C15® 550 HP Acert engine. Initially I purchased an HDGT from J&S; and picked up a 1/2 mile per gallon. Then about 2 years ago I purchased the single turbo conversion kit from J&S; and picked up another 1/2 mile. I am one of those guys that did the conversion in steps. Before I started making any changes I was averaging 5.45 MPG and today I am averaging 6.45 MPG.

    The difference it makes in the hills makes the truck a lot easier to drive. I don’t have to shift down like I did before. It will still pull down in the hills, but not like it did before. After seeing these kind of results and putting over 200,000 miles on the truck with the single turbo kit, I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t install one of these single turbo kits from J&S.; It took me less than a year to pay for it in fuel savings and I would install this kit again in a heart beat. I was happy to pull that cluster off the side of the block, but the performance and the fuel economy gains are the main reasons why I highly recommend the kit to anyone with an Acert engine.”

    Jim O

  4. admin

    “I have nothing but praise for this single turbo conversion kit. Since having the kit installed on my W900 with a Cat C15 I have put 230,000 miles on the truck. Before installing the kit I was always excited when I averaged 5.5 MPG for the day. Some days now I average into the high 7s for the day even when I am running 70 MPH and loaded. Conservatively I am getting at least 6.5 to 6.7 MPG since installing the kit. It has paid for itself multiple times over and well worth the money. I highly recommend the single turbo conversion kit from J&S;”

    Shawn M

  5. admin

    “We have multiple trucks in our fleet, including a lot of trucks with the Cat® C13 and C15 engines. We installed one of the single turbo kits on one of our ’07 379X Peterbilts with an Acert MXS 550HP C15 engine. The truck pulls a flat bed most of the time and is generally driving cross country with loads both ways. Since installing the conversion kit we have picked up a solid 1 MPG and the truck runs 20 degrees cooler than it did with the twins. We were so excited with the results that we purchased a couple of conversion kits for the C13 as well. As impressive as the results have been on the C15, we think we like the conversion kits for the C13 are even better.”

    Steve W.

  6. admin

    “Just want to tip my hat to the guys at J&S; for their customer service. I purchased one of their kits for my C-15 in a long nose Pete back in June 2017. We added something that wasn’t typical in the kit and I also had an overhaul done on the engine at the same time as the kit was installed.

    For the first few months, things were good but not great with the way the truck ran with the kit installed. It was running cooler, but it just didn’t have the power that I was expecting. The guys from J&S; and their contacts from other companies worked with me trying to see if we could get more power. We did get the truck running better but it still wasn’t quite right.

    What we found after going over the engine with a fine tooth comb was one of the new air to air pieces that we installed as part of the overhead was leaking air. It wasn’t leaking air from the joints, but leaking though the entire air to air piece. The piece was porous, and not holding air like it was supposed to. Once we replaced that piece the truck is running like a beast.

    I want to say thank you to J&S; for continuing to work with me and to stand behind their product. At the end of the day the issue had nothing to do with their kit, but they kept working with me until we were able to figure that out. You don’t see that kind of service every day. Thank you very much. You have a very satisfied customer.


  7. admin

    “I have an ’06 Freightliner Columbia with a Cat Acert 435 hp engine with a 10 speed transmission. I recently installed one of the J&S; single turbo kits myself. The kit is very simple to install if you are mechanically inclined. I also purchased the optional ARP studs and stainless steel spacers for the exhaust manifold and would highly recommend them.

    I debated quite a while on whether to purchase the kit or not, but I am glad that I finally did. When I first drove the truck I was impressed with the power gain. I pull a dry van and it is loaded heavy most of the time. Since I have installed the kit the only time I have downshifted was due to traffic, where before I was dropping down to 7th or 8th in order to pull a hill. I am very happy with the kit. Based on fuel receipts it is pretty easy to see that I am saving about a $100 per trip. The engine is running cooler, I have lots more torque and lots more pulling power and I am saving money at the fuel pump. What a great combination!”

    Prem D.
    New York

  8. admin

    “I pull a 53′ dry van with a 2007 Pete 386. On March 30, 2012 I had a single turbo conversion kit installed on my Cat engine. The kit looks great with the ceramic manifold and the polished turbo. Immediately after the installation I noticed a lot more power and the engine runs a lot smoother. The engine is also running cooler than before as well. Before installing I averaged 5.99 MPG over the previous 116,419 miles. Since the installation I have driven 15,620 miles and I’m averaging 7.28 MPG. I drive about 2500 miles a week and this system is saving me $283 a week in fuel savings. I’m very happy with the kit.”

    Dave B

  9. admin

    “I am happy, happy, happy! I absolutely love the additional power, but the 1.1 MPG increase in fuel economy was the real reason that I bought the conversion kit. I got everything that Jim said I would and more in the bargain. The truck runs so much smoother too! I didn’t realize how bad my mirrors were vibrating before, but I can now back up and actually see where I’m going!’

    Logan H

  10. admin

    “I have a 2006 Peterbilt 379X with a 625HP C15. I pull heavy trailers including double drop stretch trailers that haul over-sized loads. I installed the single turbo conversion kit in May, 2014. I have never averaged over 6 MPG on any of the loads I have hauled since I got the truck and I was told that I would never see good fuel economy out of this truck with a 625 Cat. Since I installed the kit I had a lighter load where I average 8.2 MPG over the entire trip. I can safely say that I have picked up 1 MPG since installing the kit. I have put the truck on a dyno and it is putting 701 hp to the ground. I am tickled to death with the horsepower gains and everything else. I also have a 2005 550HP C15 that used to get better fuel economy than my 625, but no more. My next move is to install a single turbo conversion kit on that truck as well. I highly recommend the single turbo conversion kit.”

    Bob M

  11. admin

    “We haul rock on mostly short runs with our trucks. We installed one of the C15 single turbo conversion kits and the truck increased from 4.2 MPG to 5.2 MPG. Before we installed the conversion kit, the truck was scheduled to go into Cat because there were several oil leaks that we were having. However after we installed the kit the blow by was reduced so much that oil leaks disappeared and we canceled the appointment.”

    John B

  12. admin

    “I own a truck repair shop. I recently installed a C15 single turbo conversion kit that a customer had purchased and requested that we install it. Everything fit well together and the way that Jim had laid out the kit was perfect. Jim claims that the kits are custom to the make and model of the truck and they are. Another customer had purchased a competitor’s product and they also requested that we install it. The contrast between the two kits was night and day. The hardware on the other kit didn’t fit so I ended up fabricating a lot of the pieces to make them work and their manifold was junk. As I saw the differences between the two kits, I made contact with J&S; to let them know that if they had other customers that were looking for someone to do the installation on their kits, we were definitely available. As an installer I highly recommend the single turbo conversion kits from J&S.;”

    Keith A

  13. admin

    “We purchased the single turbo conversion kit for one of our C15s in a T800. Jim also recommended that we purchase the optional turbo blanket because of the extreme temperatures that we deal with. The kit worked as advertised and we have purchased and installed a second kit for another one of our T8s. We have been pleased with the kits.”

    Paul M

  14. admin

    “In June, 2014 we installed a single turbo conversion kit on one of our C15s in a Freightliner Century. We have been impressed with the results as well as the fuel economy gains.”


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